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The generosity of LEF has allowed the students in Physics and Physics I to be able to utilize a more STEM based approach to learning electricity, electromagnets and the workings of a motor. The CPO Electricity Kits and Motor kits have allowed the Physics and Physics I students at MHS to experience hands on activities relating to electric circuits as well as the workings of a motor. Previously my students had to use Christmas tree lights I had cut apart and stripped to make circuits. This did not allow them to see the effects on the voltage when connected in parallel and series. The CPO kits allow my students to experience all aspects of electricity in the lab, which carries over to a better understanding of electricity conceptually as well.

– Karen Harper, MHS Physics teacher, 2014 LEF Grant Recipient

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Whether it’s providing educators with funding, best-practice ideas, support or accolades, everything we do is designed to help students achieve more.

After all, students who are better engaged are more likely to succeed, and students who succeed are more likely to go on to do great things. Together with our partners — our donors, the educators, and the communities and students we serve — we’re investing in a brighter future.

Teacher grants are available to enrich the learning experience in the classroom. LEF offers grants to teachers, librarians, counselors and nurses, ranging from $100 to $2,500.