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Alisha Odoms of Peters Colony Elementary saw a presentation on books and musical sound at a Texas Music Educators Association conference and immediately thought: “Oh, this is a great idea! But I just don’t have the instruments to do it.”

She figured out a way to get the instruments she needed, and it was through a teacher grant from the Lewisville ISD Education Foundation (LEF). With the grant, she was able to purchase books and instruments to make sound effects and musical accompaniments to stories such as A Frog in the Bog, The Pout Pout Fish, Here Come the Aliens, and Groovy Joe, Ice Cream and Dinosaurs for Musical Storytelling Day at Peters Colony.

“My students are so excited about the new instruments sponsored by LEF,” Odoms said. “This was the first time they had a performance with six tubano drums, thunder tubes, agogos, shekeres, kokirikos and frog guiros. Not only was this a great presentation where the students transformed into performers and musicians, but they also got to premiere brand new instruments to Peters Colony and the community.”

Ms. Odoms enlisted Lewisville ISD Superintendent Dr. Kevin Rogers, LISD Board of Trustees President Angie Cox, The Colony police and fire departments and more to help bring literacy through music. They participated as readers while her students played music and made sound effects with each book.

According to Ms. Odoms, some of the community readers even added their own flare too.

“I will never forget Dr. Rogers singing ‘Love my Doggy Ice Cream’ to second graders,” Odoms said. “And he really did sing!”

That was just one of many highlights on Musical Storytelling Day. Ms. Odoms and her students worked hard to make it a great day.

In preparation, students read the stories and connected to them through movement. After that, every student learned each and every musical part before they decided as a group how to split up parts. Finally, they had to learn the logistics of how to get on and off the stage for the performance.

Ms. Odoms, a two-time LEF grant recipient, was so happy that she was able to provide her students with a new experience.

“It just sent chills down my back. We were connecting on both sides: the kids and the readers,” said Odoms. “Musical Storytelling day was amazing. Even the day after, it was an amazing experience.”

If you’re a Lewisville ISD teacher and you have an idea to give your students an amazing experience, apply now for an LEF grant. The deadline is June 8, 2018. For questions, contact Sherah Robinson at robinsonsl@lisd.net or at 469-948-2020.