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Jillian Reese is a 2019 graduate of Marcus High School and currently enjoying her freshman year at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.

Despite being just a freshman, she has already taken a practice MCAT to prepare for her pre-med track she is on as she will likely major in either chemistry or biochemistry.

This is possible because of an LEF scholarship.

“The LEF scholarship put less financial pressure on my family,” said Reese. “Southwestern was my top choice school, but it is very expensive. I was considering not going here, but the LEF scholarship helped make it possible.”

Reese has already taken to the college life in her first semester on campus. She has shared dinner with the president of Southwestern (pictured at right), but also made sure not to miss the annual Southwestern carnival – Pirate Parrrty.

In the classroom, Reese has found a new interest: Latin. After arriving at Southwestern with no experience in Latin, Reese has discovered a new love.

“I have found that I really enjoy the language, and I’m thinking about picking up a minor in it,” she said.

In addition to Latin, another class taught her how much hard work it takes to thrive in college.

“This class was more work than any class I’ve ever taken. But by the end of it, I was proud of all that I had accomplished and learned,” said Reese. “It significantly improved my writing and speaking skills.”

She says that her experience in AP classes at Marcus High taught her great study habits and the work ethic she needs. Additionally, the excellent resources and teachers in LISD helped her start college with a good foundation and knowledge of the basics.

While she plans to maintain a 4.0 in pursuit of medical school, Reese also has made it a goal to grow as an individual, evolve her perspective of the world, enjoy experiences that will impact the rest of her life, and become a more well-rounded and enriched person in order to really contribute to society in a profound way.

Last year, LEF awarded 330 scholarships totaling $225,805. This is the story of one.

“I am beyond thankful for the LEF scholarship,” Reese said. “It allowed me to have the college experience of my dreams!”