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Your support allowed LEF to fund Marcus High School Physics Teacher Karen Harper’s Grant, “Light It Up, Up, Up!” And light it up they did, thanks to you!

The generosity of LEF supporters allowed the Physics students to utilize a more STEM based approach to learning electricity, electromagnets and the workings of a motor.

Harper used the grant to purchase CPO Electricity Kits and Motor kits, which allowed her students to experience hands on activities relating to electric circuits as well as the workings of a motor.

“Previously my students had to use Christmas tree lights I had cut apart and stripped to make circuits,” Harper said. “This did not allow them to see the effects on the voltage when connected in parallel and series. The CPO kits allow my students to experience all aspects of electricity in the lab, which carries over to a better understanding of electricity conceptually as well.”

The motor kits help them understand the important role that a magnet plays in the functioning of the motor in their car, thus helping them connect their lab experience to the real world.

“The kits allow my students to learn through a more discovery based setting,” Harper said, “which is key in helping young minds grow. Discovery is the best way for students to come to a deeper understanding of a topic.

haper marcus 2“The addition of the six kits have allowed my group sizes to go down to two or three students, allowing more students to be an active participant in the process,” Harper continued. “The kits are far more durable than stripped wire, so they can see how electricity works in their house, by seeing the various types of wires and how they can overheat which could lead to a short circuit in their house. “

Students enjoyed being able to test their ideas, instead of just doing what the lab sheet says. This hands on learning opportunity helped a few students realize they have an interest in electrical as a possible career choice.

As science advances into more technology, high school science teachers need to be able to expose their students to these new technologies, and these kits make that possible. “I love to see the light bulb moment on a student’s face when they connect what we have talked about in class to the circuit they have created using the CPO kits,” Harper said. “That is what makes it all worthwhile.”