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Last year LEF funded a grant written by Lewisville High School Orchestra Director Kevin Sluder.

“Playing a string instrument can be very expensive, and that is just for the basic instrument/bow setup,” Sluder explained. “Making training and tuning items available greatly impacts student success on an instrument such as the cello.”

LEF funded tuners, pickups, metronomes, recording devices and method books to enhance student learning in the LHS orchestra program.

What happened next was exactly what LEF donors and grant selection committee members hoped: increased student success, improvement in student technique and a heightened sense of accomplishment and potential.

“The books purchased with the LEF grant enabled my students to excel much further in their technique development this year,” Sluder reported. “Additionally, the metronomes allowed individuals and groups to improve in their rhythmic accuracy and time keeping, and the recording devices are irreplaceable when it comes to evaluating performances.”

Sluder’s students, many who now aspire to all-state orchestra and college music programs, have noticed the improvement as well.

“The metronomes have probably been the biggest help, because the All-State etudes are complicated,” explained Garrett Matthews who, as a freshmen last year, was only 10 chairs shy of making the All-State Orchestra.

“The exercise books have helped me tremendously,” sophomore orchestra student Jamie Parchesky explained. “The improvement in tone and tempo and in my bow placement was so much that now I really think I can try for All-State. That wasn’t really attainable before.”

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