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Music students at Ethridge Elementary had a great opportunity – and a problem. Their music department was well-equipped with 12 Orff glockenspiels, small xylophone instruments that help students learn rhythm and tempo as well as other music concepts.

But they had no place to put them – these incredible instruments were constantly being moved from place to place and students sat on the floor to play them. When students played they had to bend and rest their arms on their legs, which did not allow them to play correctly! The older students often had trouble with their backs hurting from the hunched over stance required to play – it doesn’t take a master musician to recognize that’s not an ideal situation!

eth kids assembling 2Ethridge Elementary applied for a grant from LEF that would fund Basic Beat stands and tables for the glockenspiels.

“You have no idea how excited I was coming into a school with all of this music equipment!” Ethridge Music Teacher Corrine Trigg said.

“The Basic Beat stands and tables provide such ease for the students as they are learning to play. I have about three different height settings that I use for this age group, so it is wonderful that I can accommodate different students.”

According to a number of studies of cognitive development, nurturing music appreciation and teaching basic music concepts in elementary school is linked to improved understanding of math, science and foreign language courses down the road.

Your generosity made this possible. And your generosity does more than provide a table for an instrument — it is giving students at Ethridge the opportunity to become accomplished musicians or brain surgeons, or anything else they might imagine when they grow up! Thanks for partnering with us to CHANGE CHILDREN’S LIVES!

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