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Araceli Castillo, 2015 graduate of Lewisville ISD’s Lewisville High School, was awarded the Doug Killough Honorary Scholarship through LEF’s scholarship program last spring.

“In a way I felt special… Special because out of the pool of applicants that applied for this scholarship I was selected,” Castillo said. “I felt like my hard work was seen and the committee understood how hard it was for me to get to where I am today. I was very grateful, so grateful because it took a huge burden off my shoulders. When the fall semester approached I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to pay for college. My parents support me morally and emotionally but they can’t do so financially and it breaks their heart but they can’t do anything about it. And honestly it’s helped me appreciate everything I have. Everything has been falling into place and thanks to the support of LEF and LISD I was able to fight for my dreams and continue my education.”

Castillo now attends Texas State University. “Thanks to the support of LEF I was able to pay off my fall semester,” she said. “The entire summer I was worried I wasn’t going to able to afford this semester and I worried and worried. My mom always told me everything would fall into place but I was reluctant to believe her. Because of the scholarship, I was able to worry less about money and focus on my studies. I have a part-time job as a desk clerk for my dorm hall but I only work about 15 hours a week, which is meant for necessities such as food, or even going to the movies. Because of the scholarship I am able to focus on gaining the college experience and not have to constantly worry about money. This is why I am thankful.

She’s on a promising journey. “The university offered me the Bobcat Promise. Because of this I have to maintain a minimum of 15 hours a semester. At first I was a bit frightened at the amount of classes I would be taking but I’ve learned that I am more than capable to handle the workload. First semester I took 16 hours, which wasn’t bad at all. This semester I have 15 hours. I am a part of the Residential College, which is a Living-Learning Community that enhances students’ experience. With this program I take classes with the people living in my dorm hall, which makes everything so convenient with group projects and homework in general. I am also required to have seven hours per semester, which vary from Feminism 101 or floor dinners. It is a very tight knit community and because of this I was able to make friends right away. As for next year, I plan of studying abroad in the spring and I will continue living on campus due to its proximity to my classes. Overall, I have had a wonderful experience and it’s only my first year. I have no doubt I chose the right university that makes me feel at home even though I am five hours away from home.”

LEF works with local booster clubs and PTAs to administer scholarships, and is home to endowed scholarships designed to honor the memory or legacy of those who play a role in student success in LISD.

LEF is proud of Castillo’s success thus far and is honored to be a small part of it! LEF will have a similar role in LISD’s 2016 graduates’ future: The scholarship application is open now at lisdef.com.

All LISD seniors should apply. The deadline to submit an application is Friday, January 29, 2016, at 4:30 pm.

Applicants will be notified via email in April as to the status of their application. Those selected will be invited to participate in LEF’s annual Awards Night on May 9, at Lewisville High School’s Stuver Auditorium, where benefactors will be on hand to present awards.