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Thanks to your generosity and support of LEF, students at Polser Elementary enjoyed an exciting and unique opportunity in their art class last year – and will continue to enjoy it for years to come!

Polser Art Teacher Amy Siegrist was awarded funds last fall for her “Team Up With Tile” grant proposal. “In art it is sometimes difficult to teach true clay concepts,” Siegrist said. “Students often see clay as a form of play-doh, but it is so much more. With clay studies comes a lot of vocabulary, tools, procedures, techniques and art history.”

Her proposal included purchasing 200 pounds of clay (Enough for each of Polser’s 500 students to make a tile!) as well as clay tools that can be used for many years and across elementary school curriculum.

Each grade learned about clay artists, clay styles and age-appropriate techniques. Then they were allowed to express their individuality by creating a tile using the techniques they learned, but based on a draft all their own.

“The equipment and supplies received from this grant can also be used for many other projects in the future,” Siegrist explained, “which will continually add engaging, interactive and integrated lessons across all disciplines. For example, students might explore making Egyptian clay tablets in Language Arts or Social Studies, or symmetrical trivets in Math, or they might learn about color theory by working with the glazes in Science. There are countless artworks that tie to their classroom learning.”

The best part of the project? That’s a tough call. The tiles were joined together to create a school wide mural in the art room to help develop ownership through the beautification of their own learning environment. This mural will also display different techniques and styles learned by each grade level and be shared for years to come. The slab roller has already been used for other projects as well as the clay tools that were purchased. The glazes we purchased will continue to create wonderful clay forms by all of our students. The tile cutters will be used next year in a new project making a family gift from each student.

The best part is that it was a successful, fun and engaging learning opportunity for every student, and it was made possible by your support of LEF.

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