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Rachel Robillard, 2011 Graduate of Flower Mound High School

“The True Value of My Education” My life is blessed and I know it. As I reflect on my first semester at The University of Texas at Austin, I am grateful for the experiences and education I received at Flower Mound High School that prepared me to be the college student I am today. My […]

Sarah (Smith) Lueking, MHS Graduate & LEF Scholarship Recipient

Hearing from Marcus Alumni and LEF Scholarship recipient Sarah (Smith) Lueking reminds us that often it is less about the amount given and received and more about the investment. For Sarah, the scholarship she received from LEF was small in comparison to the overall cost of her education. However, it was a direct investment in […]

Virginia and Pete Hammerle

Thomas Hammerle Memorial Scholarship Endowment: Taken Too Soon . . . But Remembered Forever… How can you capture the essence of a little boy? Words are simply ineffective. Tom was filled with joy and never hesitated to share it freely. Like most seven-year-old boys, his life revolved around family, friends, play dates, sports, and fun. […]

Martha Gooding – Principal, Ethridge Elementary School

My Journey with the Lewisville ISD Education Foundation… What started with a need developed into much deeper and lasting relationship. My journey with LEF began in 1996 when I was a 4th grade teacher at Donald Elementary and desperately wanted a place to grow plants native to Texas. That year, I was awarded my first […]

Cain Sczepanski: A Loving Tribute and Lasting Legacy

Nominate a Special Educator Today! The Cain Sczepanski Foundation in Special Education was created by Bill, Carolyn and Cara Sczepanski in memorial to their son and brother, Cain. Cain lived for 24 years with Down syndrome and heart defects. He died on March 7, 2011, of a heart attack. Cain spent 18 years under the […]