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TaylorJones2011Taylor is a 2011 graduate of Flower Mound HS. When asked who her favorite teacher was, she replied, “Without a doubt, Mrs. Chegwidden, my junior year AP English teacher.” Taylor received $500 as the recipient of the FMHS Lady Jaguar Soccer Scholarship, as well as $500 from the LISD Employee Giving Campaign Scholarship.

Q&A with Taylor:

LEF: How were you able to use the money received from your LEF scholarship?
Taylor: Most of the scholarship money I received from LEF went toward buying textbooks for this semester. The rest went toward the general cost of tuition.

LEF: Do you think the time it takes to apply for scholarships is worth the effort? Why or why not?
Taylor: It was definitely worth it. In general, scholarship applications are long, tedious and never fun, but when it’s the end of the semester and you have money left in the bank thanks to the scholarship you won, it makes all the difference in the world.

LEF: What is the best/worst advice you received as an incoming freshman?
Taylor: Get involved!!! I don’t care if you’re headed off to a Division One college or a small private school, every campus has tons of ways to get involved in something that interests you. Campus organizations are a fantastic way to meet new people, particularly at large schools like A&M where there are approximately 50,000 students. The education we receive is important, but the time you invest in college discovering yourself and discovering what makes you passionate about life are vital. It’s finding your passion in life. The lessons you learn from that passion will provide you with an education that lasts long after you’ve left a classroom.