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Rachel and Jackie Robillard are sisters, alumni of Flower Mound High School, students at the University of Texas, and recipients of LEF scholarships. Both credit their scholarship funds with providing rich opportunities during their time at UT.

The Robillard sisters enjoy a sorority event at UT with their parents. (L-R) Steve Robillard, Rachel Robillard (FMHS ’11), Anne Robillard and Jackie Robillard (FMHS ’14)

The Robillard sisters enjoy a sorority event at UT with their parents. (L-R) Steve Robillard, Rachel Robillard (FMHS ’11), Anne Robillard and Jackie Robillard (FMHS ’14). “The best advice I can give a college student is to study abroad. Anywhere in the world,” Rachel (FMHS Class of 2011) said, “My LEF scholarship enabled me to study abroad to Barcelona, Spain. Immersing myself in a different culture, language and country greatly impacted my college experience, and I have LEF to thank.”

Jackie (FMHS class of 2014) was quick to take that advice. “My two generous scholarships from LEF has only positively influenced my college experience, allowing me excel in ways I otherwise would not be able to do,” Jackie explained. “I have set aside these scholarships for study abroad opportunities, which I hope to experience the summer following my sophomore year. I have already researched such enriching opportunities, such as studying in Greece for an entire summer or working with a Public Relations firm in Los Angeles. Though I have yet to actually complete these travels, I have the assurance that my LEF scholarships will allow me to do so without hesitation of financial obstacles.”

Both girls are proud to carry the legacy of their LISD education with them through their college years and beyond.

“It’s a very rewarding feeling to represent my school district at The University of Texas at Austin,” Rachel said. “I am proud to show gratitude and give back to LEF since LISD did so much for me during my childhood.”

Jackie agrees, “To be the recipient of money from Lewisville Independent School District is an absolute honor,” she said. “As it is a true reflection of their support of my academic achievements.”

Additionally, they don’t take for granted the foundation they were given back home.

“Flower Mound High School does such an outstanding job preparing students for college; I felt beyond prepared,” Jackie said. “In addition to the academic knowledge I learned from my classes in high school, however, Student Council, volleyball, and my teachers individually prepared me in a way you simply cannot learn from a textbook.”

Rachel recalls a similar experience.

“Graduating from Flower Mound High School was a true blessing,” Rachel said. “From club involvement to sports teams to classes, Flower Mound High School taught me to value and manage my time well. I cannot thank my Pre-AP and AP teachers enough for providing me with support, motivation and of course a wonderful education. I want to give a special shoutout to Mr. Kyle Washler. I was a student of his my freshman year for Pre-AP Geography and then again my senior year for AP Human Geography. I owe him a lot of thanks for encouraging me to stay enrolled in Pre-AP Geography when I was a timid freshman. I believe those Pre-AP and AP classes prepared me immensely for college. You’re the man, WASHLER!”

After one year of shared college experiences, they look forward to exciting futures. Rachel enters the job market soon. “As a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Business Foundations, graduating in May 2015 is my next step,” Rachel explained. “I am currently the production intern for ESPN’s The Longhorn Network. I am very fortunate to be working with The Walt Disney Company, a company that I admire so much.”

Jackie will continue her journey at UT. “As a freshman in my first semester in college, my immediate plans are to continue to succeed in my classes throughout my time here, in addition to further getting involved around campus and in my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha,” Jackie explained. But she won’t be outdone by her older sister! “I also plan to pave my own path that will lead to my future career after college.”

LEF is proud of all of our LISD graduates and our LEF scholarship winners. It’s exciting to partner with students to impact the future. If you are a current LISD senior, apply for a scholarship!

If you are a scholarship recipient, contact LEF Communications and Marketing Specialist Cinnamon Dilts to share your story today.