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As marketing director for the Lewisville Independent School District, one of my main jobs is to find ways to promote the benefits of students attending LISD. And why is this important?  LISD now faces competition with charter and private schools, homeschooling, and even other public districts. We must now be creative and find new methods to help spread the good news of LISD. And ambassador programs can go a long way in that process.

The plan was to create a series of ambassador programs where groups of people can learn what LISD offers who could help spread the good word throughout the community.  We have a phenomenal story to tell and we are so blessed in this community to have such a high caliber and high-quality school district.

The first such group was the Realtor Ambassadors which was launched last year. After having a home on the market for over a year, I discovered that my Realtors did not have what I felt to be a solid knowledge of LISD.  And with the school district being one of the top criteria for the home buying decision, I felt that it was important to get involved.  The first step was to contact as many Realtors as possible to update them on the district. And with the help of the LISD Communications team, we put together and distributed a book compiling all campus profiles in one place providing Realtors extensive details on each school when talking to their clients. From here, the goal was to schedule quarterly events where area Realtors could come and be updated by district officials.  The overall goal was to have our Realtors become positive walking billboards who really knew the LISD story.

The second program was the Senior Ambassadors Program aimed at Denton County residents age 60 and above. We formulated a promotional plan including a brochure in January with a May 2020 target for the first of a series of breakfast events.  The goal of the program was to get seniors together so they could learn more about LISD.  Denton County is extremely blessed to have such an incredible talent pool within its large number of senior citizens. We feel that our seniors want to be involved and by creating this program, we would provide them a pathway to learn more about LISD, as well as to sign-up for our many volunteer opportunities if they so desire.  These opportunities could include campus greeters, event ushers, elementary school classroom story readers, and more. Ambassadors will have picture IDs and go through background checks for on-campus events. They will receive senior VIP cards allowing them to attend athletic and performing arts events for free based on availability.  A huge perk for our senior lady’s will be a free spa day courtesy of the LISD Tech Center Cosmetology students.  In addition, all seniors will be able to have their vital signs checked by the LISD medical assistant students.  Unfortunately, due to COVID, both of these programs were placed on a temporary hold since their success depended upon local gatherings.  However, we feel very confident that we will be able to relaunch these programs in the first quarter of 2021.

The third ambassador program is our first district-wide Alumni Association.  It includes any person who graduated from one of the five LISD high schools.  Our goal is to organize our alumni and keep them updated on what is happening within their former school district.  We will achieve this with newsletters, events, meetings, and possibly even a podcast.  Through the course of our many video interviews with our former students, a common denominator has been their desire and willingness to get involved.  And we certainly believe that the Alumni Program will help to make that happen. For more information on the LISD Ambassador programs, please contact Bill Lee, at leew@lisd.net