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Kian-HerveyKian is a 2010 graduate of Hebron HS, and her favorite teacher was Mrs. Gayle Koskielski from Arbor Creek Middle School. She received $1,000 as the recipient of the Hebron High School PTSA Scholarship, as well as $500 from the Dr. Dale Jackson Memorial Scholarship.

Q&A with Kian

LEF: How were you able to use the money received from your LEF scholarship?
Kian: I was fortunate to recieve two LEF scholarship. The first paid for my fall semseter books. The second paid for my MacBook, which was required by my school major.

LEF: What advice do you have for high school graduates regarding the scholarship process?
Kian: There is no reason not to seek scholarships. Even if your tuition, room & board are all paid, you will still need money to cover expenses. College isn’t cheap, but there is money out there. Computers, books and extracurriculars (fraternities, sororities, honors) are expenses that add up. Seek out any scholarship opportunity for you, your family and your future.

LEF: Do you think the time it takes to apply for scholarships is worth the effort? Why or why not?
Kian: Yes! The time required to apply for scholarships is minimal in comparison to the effort required to get into a university. I used my senior fall semster to finish college applications and my spring to find money to pay for college. The senior year of high school provides much free time and using that time productively can ensure your freshman year of college is just as great. The time I spent was well worth the money I received.

LEF: What do you wish someone had told you before you started your freshman year?
Kian: I wish someone would have told me you don’t need to go to every party. I wasted so much time trying to be social and superfically bonded with people who were not like me. Don’t let circumstance push you into making decisions. Make them from the start. Also, you will get homesick. If you can, go home. It makes the world of a difference to sit at home for a weekend. Give in, go home, return refreshed.The best advice I received as an incoming freshman was from SMU’s Learning Enhancement center. They told me, “College is a job– 40 hours a week. Make the most out of your day by working from 9am to 5pm: work out, go to class, study, eat, etc. It keeps you on task and your nights free for anything that might come up. Make a schedule and stick to it.”