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ChrisHan-HHS2011Chris is a 2011 graduate of Hebron HS. He couldn’t pick just one favorite teacher, so he picked two! Overall, his favorite teacher was Ms. Evans, who was his third grade teacher at Polser Elementary. His favorite high school teacher was Mr. Kuhn, who taught AP Physics.

Q&A with Chris

LEF: How were you able to use the money received from your LEF scholarship?
Chris: I used the scholarship money on housing.

LEF: What advice do you have for high school graduates regarding the scholarship process?
Chris: The scholarship process isn’t complicated, and it definitely is worth it to apply for as many as possible. You should try your best on all of the scholarships that interest you. I did not do any essay contests because I did not have time for those, and honestly, I do not like writing 2000 words for one scholarship that I most likely won’t get. After you have applied for each scholarship, make sure you pray about it daily because I believe that the Lord provided me with these scholarships in order to help my parents.

LEF: Do you think the time it takes to apply for scholarships is worth the effort? Why or why not?
Chris: Applying for scholarships is worth it because you have a chance of receiving money for college, and it never hurts to try. If you never try, you never know what opportunities are out there for you.

LEF: What do you wish someone had told you before you started your freshman year?
Chris: To study every single day for difficult classes. To never skip class unless you are sick or have a family emergency. Have a designated day for resting and spending time with friends rather than trying to study and hang out at the same time.