Home » News » Washington+LEF/Farmerette Scholarship = Success at SFA

Kendra Washington, 2015 graduate of Lewisville ISD’s Lewisville High School, was awarded the LHS Farmerette Drill Team Excellence Scholarship through LEF’s scholarship program last spring.

“I felt so proud of myself,” Washington said. “I didn’t think for a minute I would be able receive something so beneficial. It made me feel that if I can receive something so special, I can have the potential to even greater things.”

Washington now attends Stephen F. Austin State University. “I’m involved in a sorority and a dance organization so far this year,” she said. “And I’m taking anatomy and physiology, English, college help class which is called SFA 101 for freshmen, art history, and computer science.”

She recognizes the longtime value of the scholarship. “The impact of the money for me is that I was able to afford my books without having to use up so much of my loan that I’ll have to repay.”

LEF works with local booster clubs and PTAs to administer scholarships, and is home to endowed scholarships designed to honor the memory or legacy of those who play a role in student success in LISD.

LEF is proud of Washington’s success thus far and is honored to be a small part of it! LEF will have a similar role in LISD’s 2016 graduates’ future. Scholarship applications are currently under review.

Applicants will be notified via email in April as to the status of their application. Those selected will be invited to participate in LEF’s annual Awards Night on May 9, at Lewisville High School’s Stuver Auditorium, where benefactors will be on hand to present awards.

Interested in creating a scholarship to honor or memorialize someone whose legacy is tied to education in LISD? Contact LEF Programs Coordinator Sherah Robinson for more information. We’re here to help!