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Thanks to your continued support of LEF, last fall Hebron High School teacher Jeanny Haneline was thrilled to be awarded the Charles Foughty Legacy Grant from LEF to fund her proposal, “Rediscover Reading.”

She purchased novels reflecting a range of interests, selected to fit various categories that are appealing to students. The books were put on display in her team members’ classrooms and divided by into categories, giving students immediate access to titles they found alluring — essentially starting classroom libraries.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 10.41.15 AMWhile students do have a school library at their disposal, Haneline and her colleagues noticed many students do not utilize the library for pleasure.

“Often when they do find themselves in the library,” Haneline said, “They are usually with a class and they are overwhelmed by the selection.

Instead of expecting students to look for an appealing book in the library, Haneline adopted the tactic of “selling books” to students.

“We had daily book talks to inspire students to read,” Haneline said. “We discussed the novel and read the first page of book, and then made it available to any student who wanted to read it.”

This created an increase in the reading rate of students, setting them up for an increased likelihood of success in their upcoming college years where they will have heavy reading loads.

It also increased an interest in books and pleasure reading in the students, leading several to create online discussions and blogs, several of which are linked below.

“Before I started this class I did not read a lot at all,” HHS student Nia Scott said. “I just didn’t find it interesting. I remember Mrs. Haneline did book talks every day over the books she has read and most of the books caught my attention. My first book that I read was Butter, which I enjoyed a lot. Once I finished Butter I just wanted to keep reading all the books. I read seven books this semester, which is really shocking.  I can leave this class saying that I love to read now.  All thanks to LEF and my English 4 teacher Mrs. Haneline.  Thank you!”

Books, and the things students learn while reading them, can take readers many places. Your support of LEF increases the list of the places our students will go!