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Lewisville ISD Education Foundation Awards Over $20,000 in Campus Grants

It was a sleepy day in North Texas, made only more apparent with sporadic rain and an unusual cold snap for late October but for five educators in Lewisville ISD, their day was about to get a whole lot brighter.

The first stop of the day for the Lewisville ISD Education Foundation was Highland Village Elementary, where Michelle Murray was sitting in her office unaware of the surprise LEF and her admins had planned for her. Suddenly the sound of noisemakers and cheers filled the halls and the first Campus Grant check of the year was awarded, soon to be followed by four others all over the district.

Michelle Murray, Physical Education Teacher, Highland Village Elementary

Project Title: Fun Fitness for ALL

Grant: $2,775

Impacting a total of 350 students ranging from grades kindergarten through 5th grade, Murray’s project, made possible through the LISD Employee Giving Grant will provide resources to obtain DrumFIT curriculum equipment. This curriculum focuses on providing physical activity that requires no advanced athletic ability and benefits the body, brain and student’s self-expression and social emotional learning.

Adam Gray, Principal, Vickery Elementary

Project Title: Tapping Into Literacy

Grant: $5,000

Engaging the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles for 351 kindergarten through 2nd grade students, Tapping Into Literacy uses hands on-practice to help children become confident spellers, readers, and writers. Funded through the LISD Employee Giving Grant, students learn to segment and decode words in a curriculum plan that allows easier phonics learning for all levels of students including general education, dyslexia, and ELL students.

“Vickery’s generous grant will pay for additional Tapping Out With Tiles kits, which is a supplementary phonemic awareness program that we use with our younger grades,” says Principal Gray. “We have found this program to be incredibly successful and are excited to implement it on a larger scale. An added bonus is that since each child received their own tiles and materials, it is extremely safe to use while under COVID restrictions.”

Curtis Martin, Principal, Downing Middle School

Project Title: Green Powered Thumb

Grant: $5,000

Receiving the CoServ Charitable Foundation Grant for STEM centered learning, the Green Powered Thumb project will become an outdoor learning environment that allows 500 6th through 8th graders to learn and interact with an renewable energy-powered greenhouse. Utilizing equipment to generate power sources from solar and wind power, students will have hands-on learning experience to complement middle school science curriculum.

“We were named a LISD Stem School for the 2021-22 school year, and we are expanding our ability to provide relevant, hands-on science to our students,” says Principal Martin. “Clean renewable energy is an emerging market that will in our student’s lifetime become the standard for energy production. This project will enable us to use and measure wind and solar power, measure and monitor battery storage, and calculate our maximum energy output. We will also be able to tie in clean energy, fossil fuel pollution, climate change, and global warming. In addition, the project will complement our studies of the plant life cycle and sustainable food production.”

“It is exciting to have the equipment to show on a small scale what is possible on a very large scale in the real world. This project will no doubt spark interest in some of our students to pursue a career in environmental engineering or clean energy production. We as educators use projects like this to make long-term contributions to the world through our student’s accomplishments.”

Deborah Bailey, Principal, Mill Street Elementary

Project Title: Leveled Readers for Spanish Literacy

Grant: $5,000

Last year, Mill Street Elementary was established as a dual language school and this grant, provided through the LISD Employee Giving Grant will provide resources to enhance the Spanish Level library to develop literacy and biliteracy language skills. Impacting upwards of 300 students from kindergarten through 5th grade, the addition of Spanish books and resources to the library enables students to not only become more fluent in their first language but also build literacy skills and strategies that transfer to learning other languages that use the same alphabetic and writing system. For students learning academic Spanish, Spanish reading materials allow for more realistic literacy skills to be developed instead of relying on confusing literal translations.

Amy Obenhaus, Principal, Arbor Creek Middle School

Project Title: Eagles Learning Pad

Grant: $5,000

Knowing that research shows students engage with learning in a more meaningful way when provided with outdoor learning opportunities, the new “Eagles Learning Pad” will be available for 850 middle school students to learn for all subject areas. Teachers can now approach lessons in different ways and do so in an outdoor environment that allows students to be happier and healthier surrounded by natural landscaping that they can also observe and create from.

In 2 hours, the Lewisville ISD Education Foundation awarded 5 schools with Campus Grants totaling a little over $20,000.  Campus grants are applied for in September for projects that will affect the entire campus.

Implemented the same school year, grant projects are then evaluated at the end of the school year to ensure success and foster new ideas to improve curriculum and education. Read about past Campus Grants here.