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Last fall generous donors like YOU allowed LEF to award funds from the Jo Haney Special Education Grant and the LISD Employee Giving Fund to Prairie Trail Elementary School teacher Becky Hanna for her Touch Math Superstars program.

“Touch Math Superstars was a major success for my students,” Hanna said. “Touch Math has given my students foundational computation skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word problems, and adding money amounts (with and without decimals).”

According to Hanna, TouchMath takes a one-step-at-time approach to skill mastery. The lessons move from concrete to pictorial to abstract for each topic, with visual cues and specific vocabulary. She evaluates progress by documenting students’ math proficiency as they move through the sequential units. Progress means students move from skill mastery and increased retention of various concepts; to connections to real-life situations; and finally to the self-confidence to say, “I’m good at math.”

“Many students come to my class not knowing how to add or subtract,” Hanna said. “Place value is abstract, and multiplication and division are words without meaning. They may know what a penny and nickel are, but not what they’re worth or how to add them together. They may know that Specials come before reading, but may not know what time each class starts. Knowledge is power, and I work nonstop to empower my students!

“Touch Math Superstars is a project that has the potential to continue indefinitely and help a myriad of students along the way thanks to your generosity and belief in my students. Thank you.”