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The Lewisville ISD Education Foundation is happy to announce that LISD employees continue to increase their support for students and teachers of Lewisville ISD.

For the third consecutive year, the number of employees to support the LISD employee giving campaign, Better Together, reached a record high. After 2,920 employees gave in 2016, more than 100 more joined in support of the district for a total of 3,032 employees this year. That is nearly a 20 percent jump the past three years.

Thanks to the charitable attitude of LISD employees, the district raised support to a new high of $179,510, a 17 percent increase from last year.

THANK YOU Lewisville ISD!

Support throughout the school district will benefit students and teachers of LISD with scholarships and grants over the coming year.

LEF awarded LISD’s 2017 seniors 292 scholarships for a total of $187,205 last spring, thanks to support of the community. Meanwhile, LEF awarded more than $90,000 in teacher grants across the school district this August, impacting over 20,000 LISD students. To see the great faces of our teachers when they received their grants this year and hear about some of their innovative ideas, watch the video below.

Explore ways you can join LISD employees to impact the educational experience of LISD students and enable innovative and creative ideas from the teachers in Lewisville ISD here.