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LEF Puts Up DOUBLE-TRIPLE in 2015, Sets Up 2016 March Madness

In the midst of March Madness, the basketball pinnacle that started building when the college season started late in 2015, LEF announced stats of its own that would rival any of those put up by the teams at the Big Dance.

Last fall when college players across the country were looking for triple-doubles to pad their personal stats and set their teams up for success in March, LEF achieved its first double-triple: $3 million awarded to students and teachers in LISD, and $3 million in assets. These are milestones LEF is proud to achieve in its support of the students and teachers of Lewisville ISD.

Just as player success in the triple-double realm at the end of 2015 set up great March Madness match-ups, so is the case for LEF’s double-triple.

“Oh, we have March Madness here, no doubt,” LEF Programs coordinator Sherah Robinson said. “We have 998 student scholarship applications under review, we have Cain Sczepanski Special Education Educator Awards of Excellence under review, we have educator fellowship applications under review, I’m receiving evaluations from the winners of those grants last fall that put us over the $3 million mark and we’re accepting applications for 2016 grants to be awarded in August. March Madness Indeed!

“And yes,” Robinson continued, “It’s all possible because of the work done early in the season. If we hadn’t hit that double-triple then, we wouldn’t be able to make the awards we’re making now. It’s exciting!”

Just as the NCAA will crown a champion in April, LEF will announce winners of scholarships, fellowships and awards of excellence in April as well. Good luck to all of the players – LEF applicants and NCAA student athletes alike – hoping to hear that swoosh as they shoot for nothin’ but net!