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LISD Employees Help Students Achieve through Giving Campaign

Teachers are almost superhuman in their passion for education. Beyond giving of their professional career and personal time to reach every last student, they often selflessly use their limited income to ensure each student has an opportunity.

Madeline Freeman is one such student who benefitted from the altruism of Lewisville Independent School District staff. A 2019 graduate of Hebron High School, Freeman earned a scholarship funded by the Lewisville ISD Education Foundation (LEF) employee giving campaign. The scholarship gave her the chance to attend Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and pursue a degree that would advance her interest in writing and literature.

“I’ve been very fortunate to receive an incredible education within LISD, and the courses I took before college were rigorous and advanced, preparing me well with a good work ethic. I think the academic challenges I faced, especially throughout high school, have helped ready me for success whenever I am faced with more in college,” Freeman says.

More importantly, Freeman credits the employee giving scholarship with allowing her to experience more of her college education.  It frees up her time to concentrate on studies and lean into all her university has to offer.

“I already feel like I’ve come a long way in terms of identity, maturity, and responsibility. I’ve been involved in a few clubs, but I plan on branching out even more in future semesters,” Freeman adds. “The LEF scholarship I received is a massive help towards paying for my college education. It allowed me to attend an amazing school that I am so grateful and proud to be at.”

LISD teachers and staff are exemplary in their dedication to their profession.  During the 2019-2020 employee giving campaign, the 6,300 district teachers and staff gave more than $180,000 to the Lewisville ISD Education Foundation, making it one of the most successful employee giving campaigns on record. That money is used to fund grants and scholarships that enrich the educational experience for all LISD students.

“It really is impressive to support a school district where so many are willing to give back,” says Thomas White, executive director at LEF. “These employees and their giving demonstrate to our community that education matters and that it takes everyone pulling together to truly create outstanding public education.”

LEF has raised money to support LISD since 1990, and in that time, the foundation has given more than $4.7 million in grants, scholarships, and service awards. It is governed by a 22-member Board of Directors who represent a cross-section of the communities served by LISD. LEF represents a consortium of area businesses, parents, teachers, staff, donors, and volunteers who are all committed to the pursuit of learning and sustaining the forward momentum of each teacher who wants the best for his or her students. The foundation helps facilitate the active growth of the district.

If you want to be involved with LEF, contact Thomas White at whitet@lisd.net or 469.948.2022.  There are many volunteer, event sponsorship, and donation opportunities that will have an immediate impact.