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In November and December members of the LISD community were invited to show their support for the LISD educators in their lives by making a donation in the educators’ names to LEF. It’s called a Changing Children’s Lives Award, and it is a great way to honor educators and contribute to the mission of LEF.

Parents, students and community members shared their words of gratitude and honor with LEF, and LEF passed those on to each educator’s building leader on a certificate suitable for display. Building leaders presented those awards to the educators on their campus at faculty meetings and holiday luncheons. Educators were honored, humbled and moved to tears by the kind words shared on the awards.

An additional benefit of receiving a Changing Children’s Lives Award was the contest component. It was stated from the outset that the educator at each level (elementary, middle and high school) who received the most awards in his/her name would be awarded a classroom grant from LEF.

Those winners have been announced:

Elementary: (Tie) Barbara Sutton, Old Settlers; Deborah Anderson, Liberty; Natalie King, Old Settlers; Tracy Cato, Liberty.

Middle School: Shelly Robinson, McKamy

High School: Kelly Langdon, Marcus

Congratulations to all LISD educators who received a Changing Children’s Lives Award. The work you do matters, and LEF is proud to be here to support you every step of the way.