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A special series showcasing the places YOUR donations go!

Almost two years ago your generous support of the students and teachers of Lewisville ISD through your giving to LEF allowed us to award a grant to Briarhill Middle School for their Bulldog Bytes program. After working with the equipment and producing videos for class projects, community events and competitions, students in the program, led by BMS Teacher Carolyn Wiersema, realized there was one thing that needed significant improvement: sound quality. While they were able to create impressive videos with strong scripts and important information, the built-in microphones on their video recording devices were not capable of recording crisp, clear audio to complement their video.

LEF was able to step in again thanks to your continued support, and provide the sound equipment to bring sound quality up to par with the other aspects of these student productions.

“Students created projects for teachers and projects around the school,” Wiersema explained. “Near the end of the year, one of the microphones was used by a student in the Yearbook Class to create a ‘How To’ video that needed clear crisp audio. The students were amazed how it eliminated the ambient noise. The use of the microphones will be continued in two classes, both the Bulldog Bytes and the Yearbook classes.”

The Bulldog Bytes program teaches much more than technology integration. Students learn collaborative skills as they work in groups to produce the content requested by teachers, other classes on campus and community organizations.

They also learn about responsibility, maintenance and care as they are responsible for storing the equipment funded by LEF. It’s important to log the location of each device as well as to store equipment in clean and dry containers when they are not in use.

By the time these students graduate from high school, some of the items LEF funded may not be cutting edge anymore. The lessons they take from this class surely will. The lessons are timeless and are part of the legacy your gift to LEF creates within our community.

Photo: Students in the Bulldog Bytes program clean storage boxes before storing their microphones for the summer.