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The Lewisville ISD Education Foundation is pleased to announce the 2019 winner of the Ted Barnes Award for Excellence in Education: Elizabeth Gonzalez, a history teacher at Lewisville High School Killough.

This award was established by Ted Barnes, who taught at Lewisville High School for 25 years. At the request of Mr. Barnes before his passing, the honorarium is awarded to a current Lewisville High School teacher or administrator who has served LISD for at least 10 years, demonstrating outstanding educational service.

Gonzalez teaches a number of social studies classes at LHS Killough, including on-level, English as a Second Language, as well as Advanced Placement classes. In addition to team leader responsibilities for world history, Gonzalez is also active in the AVID program and serves on the What’s Your Plan and Block Lunch committees at LHS Killough.

An award like this may come as no surprise to Gonzalez as she was named the LHS Killough Teacher of the Year in 2017. Her work is recognized, but in addition to course content Gonzalez tries to teach life lessons that she hopes her students can take away from her classroom.

It seems to be working. Anthony Carreon, a former student and current computational engineering major at the University of Texas, says he was inspired by Mrs. Gonzalez’s diligence and passion for education.

“Mrs. Gonzalez’s passion and diligence are major factors that inspired me to pursue higher education,” said Carreon. “To this day, she continues to help and inspire other students in the same way she did to me. I am thankful to have her as a friend and mentor in my life as I continue my journey through college.”

A colleague of Gonzalez says, “I have not met anyone as passionate about or committed to their subject area as Elizabeth. Her thirst for knowledge is unmatched; the woman is constantly learning!”

Thanks to her, the students at LHS Killough are too!