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Twice each year we offer the chance to recognize LISD educators through your donation to LEF in the name of educators who Change Childrens’ Lives. We promise to award grants of $250 to the Lewisville ISD elementary, middle and high school teachers who are recognized the most. Recently you, the supporters of LEF and of the tremendous educators in LISD, stepped up and spoke up, sharing your words of support and encouragement regarding the LISD educators whose work is truly life changing.

Your words of encouragement are sent to the campus principal in the form of a Changing Children’s Lives Award. The campus principal presents each award in a public setting, so each educator is spotlighted for his or her work with students, and honored by your encouraging words.

Marcus High School’s Dorothy Houck, Lakeview Middle School’s Ly Phan and Old Settlers Elementary’s Cassandra Weaver received the most awards at their level, and we surprised them when they returned to school this year with their $250 grant from LEF.

You chose to honor many of your favorite educators with these awards. Here’s the complete list of your honorees. Many of the educators listed below received awards from two or three or more current or former students.

Honoree Building of Educator
Abigail Tusant Lamar Middle School
Alexander Dunaj Parkway Elementary
Amanda McKnight Briarhill Middle School
Amanda Werner Heritage Elementary
Amy Feeler Degan Elementary
Amy Holman Old Settlers Elementary
Andrea Fryt Marcus High School
Andrew Goins Marcus High School
Angela Carpenter Lamar Middle School
Angela Sander Degan Elementary
Angie Hall Heritage Elementary
Angie Simonton Highland Village Elementary
Anja Jarboe Marcus High School
April McGhee Old Settlers Elementary
Barbara Lau Old Settlers Elementary
Barbara Sutton Old Settlers Elementary
Bernardo Rueda Parkway Elementary
Beth Todd Degan Elementary
Bethany Hardwick Downing Middle School
Bradley Nutt Garden Ridge Elementary
Brian Linn Lamar Middle School
Carolynn Wesche Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus
Carrie Calderera Old Settlers Elementary
Cassandra Weaver Old Settlers Elementary
Cerelle Kuecker Prairie Trail Elementary
Christi Powell Bluebonnet Elementary
Christine Lalonde Huffines Middle School
Ciara Rimko Parkway Elementary
Clay Wilkinson Old Settlers Elementary
Corry Thompson Highland Village Elementary
Cynthia Greenlee Garden Ridge Elementary
Cynthia Mayes Lamar Middle School
Cynthia Shockley McKamy Middle School
Dana Ranne Old Settlers Elementary
Danielle Robison Old Settlers Elementary
David Hardy McKamy Middle School
David Hilliard Downing Middle School
Dawn Coker Hebron Valley Elementary
Dawn Szlosek Highland Village Elementary
Debra Bliss Degan Elementary
Donna Cogbill Bluebonnet Elementary
Dorothy Houck Marcus High School
Elise Peyrot Briarhill Middle School
Elizabeth Dobbs Degan Elementary
Emily Wallace Marcus 9th Grade Campus
Glen Croll Lamar Middle School
Greg Axelson Marcus 9th Grade Campus
Gregory Ruuska Dale Jackson Career Center
Heather Robinson  Highland Village Elementary
Holly Herauf Prairie Trail Elementary
Iliana Alvarado Prairie Trail Elementary
Jacquelyn Flanary Marcus High School
Jane Bustos Parkway Elementary
Jennifer Davies Downing Middle School
Jennifer Hale Prairie Trail Elementary
Jennifer Thomas Bluebonnet Elementary
Joan Blake Prairie Trail Elementary
Julie Cramer Garden Ridge Elementary
Julie Litchfield Degan Elementary
Kelly Brooks Old Settlers Elementary
Kelly Stuth Degan Elementary
Kelly Walker Valley Ridge Elementary
Kenya Banks Degan Elementary
Kerri Boyd Hebron High School
Kevin Murdock Huffines Middle School
Kim Phan Downing Middle School
Kimberly Douglass Old Settlers Elementary
Kristen Bell Briarhill Middle School
Kristi Gibson Marcus High School
LaJuana Hale Marcus High School
Lauren Harbster Garden Ridge Elementary
Leslie York Prairie Trail Elementary
Lexa Bautch Bluebonnet Elementary
Linda Cattoor Garden Ridge Elementary
Linda Eason Old Settlers Elementary
Linda Moody Lamar Middle School
Lisa Stern Old Settlers Elementary
Lora Beth Davis Homestead Elementary
Lori Lamp Marcus 9th Grade Campus
Lori Mowl Briarhill Middle School
Lori Sowers Heritage Elementary
Ly Phan Lakeview Middle School
Lynne Hausmann Lamar Middle School
Mallory McEwen Lamar Middle School
Mandy McKnight Briarhill Middle School
Manisha Gupta Marcus 9th Grade Campus
Marcie Roberts Degan Elementary
Margaret Wroblewski Old Settlers Elementary
Maria Montano Lamar Middle School
Marilyn Mueller The Colony High School
Marty Rice Dale Jackson Career Center
Megan Farrell Degan Elementary
Michael Beavers Briarhill Middle School
Michelle Nash Highland Village Elementary
Michelle Vaughn Garden Ridge Elementary
Monica Johnston Huffines Middle School
Nancy Boldt Old Settlers Elementary
Nancy Clements Downing Middle School
Natalie King Old Settlers Elementary
Nikki Minich Marcus 9th Grade Campus
Nikola Ramsey Parkway Elementary
Olivia Dunaway Old Settlers Elementary
Pamela Perkins Old Settlers Elementary
Paula Paterson Old Settlers Elementary
Rebecca Jones Old Settlers Elementary
Robert Atchison Marcus 9th Grade Campus
Robert Restuccia Old Settlers Elementary
Robin Kinder McKamy Middle School
Rosalba Herrera Prairie Trail Elementary
Russell Cote McKamy Middle School
Sandra Ogle Prairie Trail Elementary
Sara Todd Degan Elementary
Sharlene Langlee Highland Village Elementary
Sharon Rosendahl Prairie Trail Elementary
Sharon Weaver Lamar Middle School
Sheila Baker Highland Village Elementary
Shelly Cahalen Marcus High School
Sherry Ellison Degan Elementary
Sindhu Varghese Briarhill Middle School
Steffie Brouillette Degan Elementary
Stephanie McDonald Briarhill Middle School
Thuy-linh McIver Parkway Elementary
Tiffany Weeks Flower Mound 9th Grade Campus
Toni Ugolini Arbor Creek Middle School
Traci Bradley Huffines Middle School
Tracy Jennings Marcus 9th Grade Campus
Vanessa Drackett Lamar Middle School
William Strain Briarhill Middle School

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