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Honoring an Extraordinary Veteran

The John Kulick Memorial Scholarship is offered to a student attending a trade school or technical college.

John was a devoted husband, father and grandfather.  Most people in Pennsylvania will know him as George, a nickname he has had since a teenager.

John was an Air Force veteran serving as an aircraft mechanic/assistant crew chief on a KC 135 Stratotanker with the 461st OMS Strategic Air Command.  He was awarded the Air Force Good Conduct Medal.

After leaving the Air Force, he returned to Pennsylvania and went to work as a Psychiatric Security Aid for the criminally insane for over 35 years.  As a testament to his character he was respected by employees and patients alike because he was kind.

John was a self-taught mechanic, welder, carpenter, plumber, heating/AC guy, electrician and stone/brick mason who built his own home.

He was extremely knowledgeable about the Anthracite Coal region of NE Pennsylvania.  He enjoyed gardening and loved the outdoors.  He cooked and baked for family and friends.  He was creative and inventive, often times designing and building the solution to his particular problem.

He was altruistic and had a goodness that is rare.  John was a man of many talents and few words.

Thank you for your help in honoring the most extraordinary of ordinary men.

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